Malicious Women Candle



MWC candles are made with 100% organic soy grown and processed in the United States. MWC uses all cotton braided wicks and only the finest fragrance oils ordered direct from the manufacture or authorized distributors to ensure quality. These beautiful snarky-chic candles are hand-poured in Lake Stevens, WA in small batches to ensure consistent scent quality.  High-temp resistant 9 ounces jars in a beautiful apothecary amber color are used.

Adulting - Infused With "Insufficient Funds" Scent: Espresso Yo' Self

But First...Wine - Infused with "Long-Ass Days" Scent: Cabernet All Day

Congrats On Being In Charge Of A Tiny Human - Infused with "Sleep Deprivation" Scent: Vanilla Cupcake

Do Epic Shit. - Infused with "Rebellion" Scent: Oakmoss & Amber

Happy Birthday - infused with "Alcohol, Low Standards, and Poor Decisions" Scent: Vanilla Cupcake

I Love My Fur Babies More Than Most People - Infused with -"An Unhealthy Level of Attachment" Scent: Frooty Loops

I Love You Like A Back Alley Hooker Loves Crack - Infused with "Withdrawal Symptoms" Scent: Cotton Candy & Pine

I Miss Your Face! - Infused with " Loneliness & 'You' Deprivation " Scent: Cotton Candy & Pine

Meetings That Could Have Been An Email - Infused with "Silent Hostility" Scent: Vanilla Cupcake

My Dog & I Talk Shit About You - Infused with "Profile Stalking" Scent: Blueberry Cobbler

We Are Sisters. & Much More. - Infused With "The Stories Mom Doesn't Know About... And She Never Will!" Scent: Lemon Drop Martini