Colquitt Handwhipped sugar scrub




 Our fresh made sugar scrubs are divinely moisturizing, made with sunflower seed oil, virgin olive oil, and mango butter, these creamy emulsified scrubs are the perfect combination of moisture and exfoliation. We whip each scrub by hand to create a rich and creamy skin treat. 

Each packed into an 12 ounce jar, with a flip-top lid, great for the shower!

Skin is lightly kissed with mango butter moisture after you rinse off, so your skin feels velvety soft, and not oily, but never dry, and dead, dull, flakey skin is buffed off, revealing glowing healthy skin below.

Sunflower seed oil is water soluble, so it rinses away easily after it hydrates your dry skin, its bursting with natural antioxidants, vitamin e, beta carotene and essential fatty acids,  perfect for tightening and firming your skin, this hydrating body scrub is wonderful to use to maintain the health of your skin, made with minimal ingredients.

Scrub melts into a shaving cream, use also for the closest long lasting shave you've ever had!  

Preservative free, made more natural, made to be good for your skin. Your purchase includes an 12 ounce jar of our handcrafted scrub of your selected choice. 



Cane sugar, sunflower seed oil, cetearyl alcohol & ceteareth-20,  virgin olive oil, mango butter, fragrance and or essential oils.

*some scrubs, but not all may contain: himalayan salts, coffee, chia seeds, calendula, cornflowers, lavender buds, oatmeal, cosmetic colorants, quinoa, cranberry seed, rose extract/flowers.