Skinny Dip Moisturizer Blend


This handcrafted Skinny Dip is ready for you and your "birthday suit!" just dive right in to this freshmade artisan body treat!

Aloe vera & body butter moisturizer, the best of BOTH moisturizing Worlds! You get the richness of a whipped & fluffy body butter for intense moisture, it really softens and babies the skin, then nurturing Aloe vera for the ultimate in extreme,  skin hydration, which also helps cut the richness associated with body butters, it glides on absorbing right in, leaving only silky softness.

Infuse your skin with a healthy dose of the two just by swirling the two together to create a skin enhancing parfait, or use separately, its up to you how you want to use it. Apply to damp skin and enjoy your new skin!