Colquitt | Beauty Blend


Eight All Natural Oils for Skin Radiance. Eight amazing natural oils for beautiful skin. Hand blended together for the ultimate nourishment of your skin. Each oil has its own skin enriching benefits, this blend is created for all skin types.

Fragrantly enhanced with Vanilla, Chamomile, Lavender essential oils, it has undeniable day spa virtues, this product comes in a beautiful 1 ounce glass bottle with a bulb dropper for easy disbursement.


Beauty Blend delivers nutrients to the deep layers of skin. Promotes healthy, radiant skin.  Add a drop or two to your liquid foundation to create a warm nutrient rich glow within your skin and aid against dryness. 

  • carrot seed oil- your first line of defense for aging, or environmentally stressed skin, this oil helps cell regeneration at skins deepest level. This is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin a. 
  • shea butter- also has the age postponing natural vitamin a, plus unparalleled moisturizing properties, imperative to maintaining skins elasticity & suppleness. 
  • jojoba oil- helps regulate oily skin, helps moisturize dry skin, loaded with vitamin e, b complex, cooper& zinc-plus fatty acids to help increase skins hydration levels.
  • avocado oil- rich with omega 9, which provides energy for the growth of healthy new skin. 
  • vitamin e oil- helps to trap moisture inside the cells, thus keeping skin hydrated for longer periods of time, rejuvenating your appearance.  
  • argan oil- supreme natural moisturizer for skin & hair, helps keep skin soft & supple. 
  • sunflower seed oil- packed with strong antioxidants, plus omega 6, this oil helps protect the collagen & elastin the skin.


Use  just a drop or two of this oil by its self before bed after you've cleansed your skin.  Use as necessary maintenance, and repair of vital skin tissue. Use this oil with our Facial Rescue for supplemental  benefits. 

Ingredients: carrot seed oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, vitamin e, argan oil, sunflower seed oil, chamomile & lavender essential oil.