Colquitt Body Mousse



This handcrafted Whipped Body Mousse is really beyond any body butter or lotion you've ever used.

Preservation Free, colorant free, each jar of this 98% Natural, skin delicious, Whipped Body Mousse is made fresh , by hand using nutrient rich oils of Organic coconut oil, Moroccan Argan & Organic Olive oil

Infused with our own signature scent blends, we've created a light, whipped "mousse like"  body moisturizer, literally packed with natural antioxidants to nurture and condition dry skin. In order to obtain the perfect body moisturizer, we whip it fresh and leave out water, waxes, mineral oils, & parabens found in many moisturizers on the market.

The Whipped Body Mousse is an intense hydrating skin treatment your skin will soak up immediately, leaving you with very velvety & silky skin. 


Use sparingly on wet skin for healthy dose of hydration, you notice immediately.