Colquitt | Handmade Silky Milk Soap - Scent Free


Baby your skin! With this SCENT FREE Silky Milk soap, it's hand blended with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, real silk fibers & goats milk.

Milk is a natural AHA (alpha hydroxy) for your skin, the lactic acid in milk naturally exfoliates dead skin cells away, revealing healthy new glowing skin. This is an amazing facial bar, your skin will feel soft, nurtured and healthy. 

This soap all natural contains no fragrances, synthetics, parabens, or chemicals, just a  pure and natural face & body cleanser. For those who want or need to baby their skin, because of skin sensitivity or extremely dry skin, or suffer from eczema may want to try our Silky Milk handcrafted soap, and you'll feel the difference in your skin immediately. One of our  favorites!!