Colquitt | Handmade Complexion Perfect Moisturizing Facial Soap


This hand crafted 100% all natural body & facial soap is created with 100% organic olive oil & beta-carotene rich carrot seed oil.

You can help hydrate your skin as you cleanse naturally, with these antioxidant and vitamin rich oils. Olive oil helps your skin to re-new and repair itself, texture, elasticity and its tone.  


Colquitt Bath has blended MSM and natural nutrient found in plants, as it works its magic to help repair sun damage, and scar tissue. In addition we've added niacinamide (vitamin B3) for its powerful ability to help fade hyper pigmented skin. Skin nurturing and protecting goats milk has been added to infuse our skin with a plethora of skin saving vitamins, such as vitamin A, niacin, and thiamin.

Extra additions to this hand crafted soap include skin protecting zinc, and allantoin to help with additional moisture and speed the healing of blemished skin. 

One of the best facial bars you'll ever use for protecting your skins appearance as you age.