Colquitt | Handmade Acne Proof Charcoal Detox Facial Soap


Activated Charcoal is one of the most absorbent materials in the world. It can absorb up to 10,000 times its own weight, absorbing dirt, oil, toxins and bacteria from your skin. This is a 100% all natural holistic treatment bar, it is crafted by hand in small batches, with a triple dose of activated hardwood charcoal,  and  infused only with pure essential oils.

  • Virginia Cedar wood
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree
  • Peppermint 

Panthanol (B5) has also been added to help skin retain its moisture and soothe redness, natural allantoin to help further moisturize the skin and speed the healing of existing blemishes, additionally this soap contains 8 full ounces goats milk, which enhances the acid mantle of the skin instead of stripping it. This bar has proven helpful for people who suffer from Acne on their face and back. 

This is not your average charcoal soap. This is Colquitt's BEST SELLING soap. These are very large bars, weighing in at 6.0 ounces, keep the soap dry to preserve longevity.