Colquitt Oatmeal Soap


Our Classic Oatmeal is truly a super food for your skin! Rich in vitamins, and minerals its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help treat dry skin and sensitive skin, Oatmeal helps reduce skin inflammation, plus allows gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, this artisan bar can significantly improve dry skin. 

Absolutely loaded with oats, we starts with whole oat kernelsgoats milkand then add oat flour to help soothe and nurture your skin, a light, clean, wholesome fragrance tops off this handmade Classic. 

We hand blend each and every bar of this hydrating soap, our Classic Oatmeal is antioxidant rich also with natural plant oils, olive oil, and coconut oil, this bar is richly and supremely moisturizing, enough so to use from head to toe. Huge 5.5 ounces of bathing BLISS!

Our soaps allow your natural skin's moisture to remain intact, and help protect your skin as you cleanse, not strip it, no more dry, itchy skin.  People prone to acne will benefit greatly from this nurturing bar also.