Frosted Blue Sodalite Long Beaded Necklace with Copper Cross Pendant


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Frosted Blue Sodalite Stone Beads

Sodalite Pendant

Great for Layering Necklaces

The blue sodalite stone beads of this necklace offer a cool and soft look while the pendant helps create a bold statement with your outfit. The combination of sodalite beads and pendant make for a look you can’t just find anywhere. Whether you’re wanting a piece to finish your formal look or you are wanting a necklace that can work with your day-to-day look, you can’t go wrong with this handmade necklace by The Jewelry Junkie.  The Jewelry Junkie hand makes each of the pieces in our store. While the piece that you receive will look similar to that in the picture, no two pieces are identical. 

36” in length

8 mm jasper beads

2” pendant