Colquitt Kukui Nut Facial Scrub


A wonderful spa quality smelling scrub you will want to use every day it has all the smells of a day-spa.

This skin delicious scrub contains the potent and tropical Kukui (koo-koo-ee) nut tree oil, a sworn beauty secret, Kukui oil has been used by Hawaiians for centuries to keep their sun-soaked skin, soft, smooth, healthy and radiant. 

Kukui oil contains vitamins A, C, & E which are very powerful antioxidants, well known to protect the skin and prevent free radical damage of the skin cells. 

This beyond amazing smelling facial scrub also includes organic Aloe vera as its base, and organic polyphenols (applied topically, polyphenols can help repair and rejuvenate your skin) of organic green tea, and white tea. 

As if that wasn't enough in this insanely good scrub there is also Gotu kola (which helps with production of collagen, and also can help with scars.) 

But no stopping there.....Wild Geranium is also incorporated, (a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil, it actively boosts skin's health and natural glow) along with olive oil, avocado oil, which together this abundance of natural ingredients lend their amazing skincare properties to your skin, to create skin that is not only moisturized and properly exfoliated, but also keep it looking fresh, firm and bright.  


A tiny bit of this concentrated scrub goes along way, we suggest starting with a small dime size (or less) amount initially, and even though you will want too, only scrub a few times a week (2-3 times) and not everyday, as this dries out your beautiful new exfoliated skin, as with everything, if you experience irritation discontinue use immediately. 

Apply with finger tips on wet skin in a circular fashion, very gently. Wash off with our gentle facial cleansers, and follow with one of our toners and moisturizers.