Colquitt Shower Sniffy


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These freshly made Shower Sniffies are great for those who are "nasally impaired," they are loaded with peppermintmenthol & eucalyptus essential oils, and sprinkled with mineral & sea salts, these little pucks are sure to help open you up!

Either toss in the corner of a warm shower, which allows it to melt slowly, or hang from a netted bag (recommended method) the steam from the shower, plus a little water releases the vapors from the sniffies.

Aaaah....Just Breathe

(immersing the sniffie in water will cause the sniffie to melt fast & completely)


sodium bicarbonate(baking soda), citric acid, distilled water, witch hazel, peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, menthol, kaolin clay, sea salt, ultra marine.