Colquitt Grinch Cookie Gift Box


Each box contains a 4 oz jar of our handcrafted whipped Body Mousse, created for SUPREME hydration of the driest of skin, with continued use you will notice silky soft and nurtured skin.

Also included is a 4 oz jar of our creamy and whipped Sugar Scrub, this scrub leaves your skin powdery soft never parched and dry, nor oily, our special blend is created to dissolve and leave behind a lotion on the skin, so this is perfect to use as is or as a shaving scrub! 

Enjoy a 4 oz jar of our super fluffy, shaving and bathing, Whipped Soap, made to use on a sponge or pouf for glorious cloud-like bubbles, or enjoy as a hydrating shaving scrub to keep skin soft and supple. 

Last but not least is our handcrafted bubbling and fizzing peppermint Bathbomb, for a nice long relaxing soak in the tub creating softened skin and preparing your skin for additional moisturizers, for the BEST smelling and hydrated winter skin yet